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Matca Marin Sorescu Pdf 12

Matca Marin Sorescu Pdf 12: A Review of the Romanian Play

Matca (The Hive) is a play by the Romanian poet and playwright Marin Sorescu, written between 1969 and 1973. It is a two-act play with six scenes, set in a rural village during a stormy night. The main character is Irina, a young pregnant woman who is about to give birth to her first child. She is accompanied by her father, Mosu, and three midwives who are also her neighbors. The play explores the themes of life, death, birth, love, fear, superstition, tradition, and modernity.

Matca Marin Sorescu Pdf 12

Download Zip:

The play is available online as a PDF file, which can be downloaded or read online from Scribd. The PDF file has 24 pages and contains the original Romanian text of the play. The file was uploaded by Irina Carmen and has been viewed by more than 2,000 people. It has a rating of 100% by four users who have left positive comments about the play.

In this article, we will review the plot, the characters, the style, and the message of Matca Marin Sorescu Pdf 12. We will also provide some background information about the author and his other works.

The Plot of Matca Marin Sorescu Pdf 12

The play begins with Irina running in the rain towards her home, where she hopes to find shelter and comfort. She talks to herself and to nature, expressing her joy and fear of becoming a mother. She also recalls some memories from her childhood and her relationship with her father and her fiancÃ.

She arrives at her house, where she finds Mosu waiting for her. He is an old man who loves his daughter but is also strict and conservative. He tells her that he has invited three midwives to help her with the delivery. He also warns her that there is something strange happening in the village: some animals have died mysteriously, some people have seen ghosts and omens, and some rumors say that there is a witch among them.

The three midwives arrive soon after. They are Prima Momie (First Midwife), A Doua Momie (Second Midwife), and A Treia Momie (Third Midwife). They are all old women who have delivered many babies in their lives. They are also gossipers who like to talk about other people's affairs. They bring with them some tools and remedies for the birth, as well as some superstitions and rituals.

The play then follows the progress of Irina's labor, which is complicated by the storm, the power outage, the lack of medical assistance, and the interference of the midwives. Irina suffers from pain, fear, doubt, and hallucinations. She sees visions of her dead mother, her fiancà who is away at war, and a mysterious woman who claims to be her sister. She also hears voices from outside that tell her stories of love and death.

The play ends with Irina giving birth to a baby boy, who is healthy and alive. However, she dies soon after from blood loss and exhaustion. Mosu is devastated by his loss and blames himself for not being able to save her. The midwives are shocked and saddened by the tragedy. They also reveal that they have found out who the witch is: it is Prima Momie, who has been secretly practicing black magic and causing harm to others. They decide to burn her alive as a punishment.

The Characters of Matca Marin Sorescu Pdf 12

The play has six main characters: Irina, Mosu, Prima Momie, A Doua Momie, A Treia Momie, and Logodnicul (The FiancÃ). They are all complex and realistic characters who represent different aspects of human nature.

Irina is the protagonist of the play. She is a young woman who is pregnant with her first child. She is naive, innocent, optimistic, curious, and adventurous. She loves life and wants to explore the world. She also loves her father and her fiancà dearly. However, she is also afraid of death and pain. She suffers from loneliness and isolation in her village c481cea774


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