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Blockchain Investments In China Dropped 40.8% In 2019

In the post-holiday period in 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak, many cities were under strict lockdowns, and overall health care spending and frequency of use dropped sharply, according to a multicenter study in China. High-risk cities, closed-down cities, and western cities saw a larger decline, and the epidemic led to a significant drop in healthcare utilization during the Spring Festival and post-holiday periods in 2020 compared to 2019, especially in high-risk cities (6). Similar situations have occurred in other countries with the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Spain, and Italy (18, 19). Organ transplant operations have decreased significantly, and emergency room visits have decreased dramatically (18, 19). A study in Hong Kong showed that patients waited about 5 h for medical care in early 2020, compared to only about 1 h in the same period in 2019 (20). Patients may delay seeking medical care for a number of reasons, including fear of nosocomial infections, lockdown restrictions, and more. Preventive services have also been affected due to the suspension of routine immunization campaigns due to COVID-19. Due to service issues, some patients' health may worsen due to delays in treatment or prevention.

Blockchain Investments in China Dropped 40.8% in 2019



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