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Nike Authentic Serial Number Check

Shoemakers at Nike create vibrant sneakers, whose limited production runs can turn them into valuable collector's items, with one pair of Nike "Mags" fetching $52,000 at auction in 2017.[1]XResearch source If you want to check and see whether your Nikes will fetch top dollar online, or simply wish to replace a worn out pair, you can usually find the model number on the inside tag. Otherwise, you may be able to learn your model number online.

nike authentic serial number check

Nike shoe boxes are typically made of high-quality hard paper with eye-catching colors and outstanding logos. The boxes come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but the most common ones are orange, red, and brown. The barcode, style name, size, serial number and SKU (if applicable) should all be printed on the box.

The SKU number on the interior labels should match the one on the box. The counterfeit Nike factories frequently attach sizing labels that are years out of date. An item manufactured in 2013 may have a label stating that it was designed in 2010, for instance. You can also check the official releasing date of that products as well. The fake may claim that they were created in 2008, whereas in reality, Nike produced them for the first time in 2010.

Modern Nike shirts will usually have some sort of authenticity tag (also called a jock tag) at the bottom right of their shirts. The style of this has changed over time, including the recent introduction of a round patch for some Nike shirts, but each tag will have some sort of long combination of letters and numbers.

The quality of fake authenticity tags seems to be particularly high in comparison to other areas of fake kits, but the codes themselves are a good indicator. Product code searching is typically a bit more straightforward from experience, but add a jock tag check to your process for extra piece of mind.

Your Model Number can be found at your local hardware store. The tag must be located inside your shoe. Authentic Nike shoes come with a tag that identifies them as either authentic or counterfeit, with their dimensions, barcode, and model number.

To identify an authentic Nike shoe, it is packaged in a box with the SKU number that is identical to the one on the shoe. Those who do not match the numbers or do not account for them are most likely to be duped. You should double-check the tongue label. It is not uncommon for fake Nike manufacturers to mark the inside of their shoes as having outdated sizing labels.

Once fans receive their authenticated piece of memorabilia, they can trace the unique serial number on the Authentication database located on This convenient reference database enables fans to easily identify all of the details surrounding their new item. Since its inception in 2001, the Major League Baseball Authentication Program is responsible for authenticating over six million items, allowing fans to ensure their memorabilia is a 100% genuine piece of their favorite pastime. It's easy to get the real goods; just check for the official seal of authentication.

The DB numbered hologram is not an authentication hologram; it is a hologram that designates the item as officially licensed. This hologram is never used for authentication by the MLB Authentication program for any autographed or game-used items. Authentication holograms are placed directly on the items themselves. 350c69d7ab


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