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Autocad Civil 3d 2013 64 Bit Free Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

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Autocad Civil 3d 2013 64 Bit Free Download

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Michael Kay: Thank you, Jessica, and on behalf of the Federal Highway Administration's Innovative Program Delivery office, I'd like to welcome everyone to our joint DOT-FHWA Major Project webinar. My name is Michael Kay and I'm with the USDOT's Volpe Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and today I'll be facilitating our webinar and helping to address any technical problems you have and moderating our question-and-answer periods. I'll introduce Jim Sinnette, the project delivery team leader, momentarily, but before he begins, I just want to point out a couple of features of the webinar room. First, on the top left, is the audio call-in information. You're welcome to listen over your computer speakers; however, if you do have any bandwidth issues, I do recommend that you dial in using that toll-free number. Below that is the attendee list. Below that is a file share box where you can download a PDF version of today's presentation. Simply click on the presentation, click Download Files, and follow the prompts on your screen. Finally, on the bottom left, is a chat box that you can use to ask questions at any point throughout the webinar. Our webinar is scheduled to run until three thirty p.m. Eastern time today, and we are recording today's webinar so that anyone unable to join us can review the material at a later time. I just want to pull up a couple of poll questions that will help us better understand our audience. The first one is what is your affiliation, whether you're with the Federal Highway division, outside of the division office, a state DOT, another federal agency, other transportation agency, or other. And actually, I'm realizing we don't have division office in there, so bear with me a second. I'm just going to add that to our poll here. Let's start over with that poll. So, division office, non-division office, state DOT, another federal agency that's not Federal Highway, and another transportation agency that's not a state DOT, or other. And then on the right side, how many people are participating with you today, whether you're sitting alone at your desk perhaps or around a conference room table with as many as ten or more. So let's wait about ten more seconds to allow you to answer those questions. It's nice to see we have a couple of groups, at least one or two, with more than ten people, and also a couple of groups of five to ten. That's really great to see. Okay, with that, I will close those polls out. I will return to our - and I'd like to turn the webinar over to Jim Sinnette. Jim?

LaToya Johnson: All right, thank you Michael, and thank you so much Pennsylvania DOT - Bryan, Gary and Dean. Great presentation, great overview about the project. With that, I just wanted to wrap up really quickly. I had a couple of announcements that I thought would be of interest to our audience. One, that yearly Federal Highway goes in and we confirm and update our number of major projects throughout the country, and we just recently updated this material. And so our updated number of active major projects - and these are projects that have completed environmental documents and have moved into the major project requirements, such as the financial plan , we have 114 active major projects. So you can kind of see the spread of where these projects are throughout the country - California and Texas, no surprise, leading the way. But Pennsylvania is there, as is Connecticut and Wisconsin. And then as far as future major projects - and these are projects that are still in the early environmental phases or planning phases - you can see the spread of projects. And the green are states that don't currently have active major projects, but are anticipated in the near future that they will potentially have a major project. So just FYI information. And then a follow-up to a webinar that we did back in February, I just wanted to let everyone know that the updated financial plan guidance was issued in December, and there are several resources on our website, including the guidance, examples, and the federal register notice, as well as the recorded webinar that we did in February. If you missed that, that is available on our website to download. So feel free to visit the website and look at any of that information and give us a call if you have any questions or comments. And then lastly, I just wanted to announce that our next joint DOT-Federal Highway webinar is tentatively scheduled for October. So if you have any suggestions for presentations or you would like to do a presentation, or if you would like to request that someone does a presentation, please contact me and we'll try to get them on that agenda. And then for Federal Highway, our next quarterly webinar, internal webinar, will be on Tuesday, August 4. So with that, we will wrap up. Again, I want to say thank you to all of our presenters. Great presentations. And for the audience, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to them. You heard a wealth of knowledge and information today, and as we close, if you could just take a moment to answer four quick poll questions just to give us some feedback as we continue to do this in the future. So again, thank you everyone, and have a wonderful afternoon. 350c69d7ab


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