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On the day of Puneet and Sonia's marriage, they are sitting in Mandap and they are set all to marry but gunshots firing are heard and all the gangster also come in Mandap. Puneet leaves Mandap in order to save himself from gunshot. Happy takes Puneet's place in order to save Sonia unaware that he is marrying Sonia, both run around the fire seven times, essentially getting married. After Happy and Sonia married then punnet seeks forgiveness from them and then Puneet's father take him. During all this, Mika attempts to kill Lucky, whose head is bumped, and the trauma-induced paralysis he had suffered from is relieved. However, he is heartbroken on realizing that Mika tried to kill him. Suddenly, Mika turns up on the spot, ready to kill Happy, armed with a gang and his new special glasses and hearing aid. As he is about to shoot, Lucky steps up and stops him. Then a dialogue ensues between Mika, Happy, Lucky, and the associates of the Kinng. Then Happy tells him that being the "kinng" is not as great as it may seem and explains to him the characteristics of a true Sikh. Lucky confesses that he had always found being Kinng a source of misery, because a true kinng fights for others, not for himself. Overcome with remorse, Mika drops his gun. The movie ends with Happy's and Sonia's marriage and the returns of Lucky and his gang members to their homes in the village. 350c69d7ab


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